About Me

Hello, I'm Lydia!

I'm originally from Cincinnati, OH, but I am currently based in Dallas, TX. This blog is a passion project of mine - I love traveling, but I also am obsessed with the travel planning process that comes along with it. I am a list-maker who has 1000+ destinations pinned on Google Maps, so that I am always ready with a variety of options no matter where I am. I have a drive to experience the world and gain new perspectives along the way. So far, I have visited 19 countries, 32 states, and lived in 4 different cities in 2 different countries.

In recent years, I have made it my mission to travel to many new places over weekends and holidays, while still working a full-time job. Purchasing flight deals, booking weekend flight times and planning busy weekend trips has been my life several years now. My love for weekend traveling started while I lived in London, UK for an internship, where I visited a new city in Europe almost every weekend for 3 months. I’ve learned that with the right itinerary, you can squeeze quite a bit into a weekend trip.

Some Things to Know about my Travel Style

  • I am a vegetarian so every restaurant I recommend will be vegetarian friendly. I love to try the local cuisine, even when substitutions must be made for meat items.
  • I love natural destinations where I can hike, camp, canoe or kayak and snorkel. Visiting National Parks is always a treat and are often the reason I visit a destination in the first place.
  • I love urban destinations, too! I am specifically drawn to art museums, breweries or wineries, and city parks. For me, active vacations are the best vacations. When time is short, I love to get up early and maximize my experience in a new place.
  • I love flight deals and credit card points. Destinations can choose themselves when you go looking for great deals.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need help planning your next trip!