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I’m Lydia Weigel, aka @lostwithlydia, an outdoor travel blogger, content creator and full-time traveler! I am passionate about writing about outdoor destinations, helping millennial women getting started in the outdoors, creating epic itineraries and guides and teaching folks to recreate in a responsible way.

I’ve been building a loyal community based on trust since 2020 and I hope to inspire more people to get outside through my travel guides and outdoor tips. If you’re looking for any of that, let’s chat!

Ways to Work with Me

  • Blog writing
  • Instagram reel creation
  • Photography and videography
  • UGC content creation

My Audience

  • 92% of my blog readers are in the US. 28% of readers are in Texas.
  • 71% of my Instagram audience are women.
  • 35% of my Instagram audience are ages 25-34. 28% are ages 35-44.
  • Dallas and Houston are my top cities on Instagram.

My Channels

Case Study 1 - Tourism Board

Visit the Woodlands, Texas

I partnered with Visit the Woodlands to showcase the outdoor adventures the area has to offer!

  • Reel received over 11K views
  • Comments included: "Oh!!! 😮 never heard of this place!! Looks like so much fun!!" and "Ummmm yes please!👏👏👏 Nature luxury is my fave! Now I want to go to @visitthewoodlands too!"
  • Also posted on Tik Tok, Facebook and Pinterest
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Case Study 2 - Adventure Brand


A long-term partnership with 5 reels and 1 blog post.

  • Top performing reel had 56.4K views
  • Comments included: "Every time you post these geocache videos it reminds me that I want to start playing!" and "Okay this looks like so much fun! I had no idea this was a thing! I'm looking to see if there are any in my upcoming travel destinations 🙌"
  • Also posted on Tik Tok, Facebook and Pinterest
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More Examples of Work

A product-review style video:

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A Unique Stay:

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Drop me an email if you'd like to discuss how we can work together!