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A Guide to Visiting Dinosaur Valley, Texas

January 9, 2024

Explore a landscape in which dinosaurs once roamed just a short drive from the DFW area! At Dinosaur Valley State Park, you can walk along rocky ledges, swim in the scenic Paluxy river and see one of the biggest preserved sites of dinosaur tracks in the world. Only an hour and a half drive from Dallas, this park makes for a great day trip from DFW.

An overlook looking down at the Paluxy River.Lydia standing on a trail, with wildflowers on either side and trees behind her, wearing a mask.
The blistering heat and clear skies of June

Please make it a priority to Leave No Trace when exploring the outdoors. This includes leaving nothing behind, respecting wildlife, minimizing campfire impacts, respecting those around you, planning ahead and traveling on durable surfaces. For more details, read about the seven principles at

Things to Do in Dinosaur Valley State Park
A small, trickling waterfall on the Buckeye Trail in Dinosaur Valley State Park.
A tiny waterfall on the Buckeye Trail
A view of the Paluxy River with several rocks in the water.
The Paluxy River
A close up of yellow flowers in Dinosaur Valley State Park.
Spring flowers
  • Check out the dinosaur tracks at one of the park's four preservation sites. Site two is most convenient, right after you cross the river on the west side of the park.
  • Hike the Buckeye Trail and enjoy a serene trail with few people. You’ll find secluded, tiny waterfalls on the Buckeye Creek.
  • Hike the Overlook Trail and get fantastic views of the Paluxy River and surrounding area.
  • Try not to get wet as you cross the river - you’ll need to cross it to get to most of the hikes. There are large rocks to hop between but it largely depends on the water level to determine how difficult it might be.
  • Stroll among wildflowers (in the springtime) and monarch butterflies on the Monarch Trail
  • Swim in the Paluxy River, don’t forget your bathing suit!
A close up view of dinosaur tracks under the water.
Very well preserved dinosaur tracks

About Glen Rose, Texas

A view of the Glen Rose Courthouse. The buliding is white with a navy blue roof.
The Glen Rose Courthouse in the Square
A bench in Glen Rose with a dinosaur design on the side.
Even the benches have dinosaurs!
Two green dinosaur statues in the grass in downtown Glen Rose.
Dinos around town

The town of Glen Rose has a population of under 3000 and is known as the “Dinosaur Capital of Texas” because of the state park. If you have time after visiting Dinosaur Valley, there are a lot of great things to check out.

The Best Things To Do in Glen Rose, TX
A small building labeled 'museum' with some green plants in the front and the on right side.
Somervell County Museum
A small wood cabin with greenery in front of it at the Somervell County Museum.
Somervell County Museum
A white plaster feature with a dinosaur track in it at the Somervell County Museum.
Dinosaur Tracks at Somervell County Museum
  • Glen Rose Historic Square - The Somerville County courthouse sits in the middle of the historic square and is surrounded by a variety of shops and restaurants to explore.
  • Big Rocks Park - This park is another great place to swim in the Paluxy River and is free for everyone to enjoy.
  • Somervell County Museum - This history museum sits right on the town square and includes a moonshine still and dinosaur tracks. Interestingly, Glen Rose was a center of moonshining during Prohibition.
  • Paluxy Heritage Park - The Heritage Park has a riverwalk and a few historic buildings. The riverwalk runs along the Paluxy River leading to the Big Rocks Park nearby.
  • Barnard’s Mill Art Museum - This art museum is housed in a historic building that used to be a hospital and has mostly western themed art.
A path next to a river at the Paluxy Heritage Park.
Paluxy Heritage Park
A white schoolhouse in the Paluxy Heritage Park.
A schoolhouse built in 1901 in the Paluxy Heritage Park
An archway labeled 'riverwalk' over a pathway.
The Paluxy Riverwalk

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