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Iceland is one of the most incredible countries to visit for outdoor adventure! From volcanoes to hot springs to roaring waterfalls, this country is truly special.

I took a 5-day winter road trip in Iceland and saw the Northern Lights, soaked in the Blue Lagoon, did some beautiful hiking, and more. Despite the lack of daylight, I thought that Iceland in the winter was wonderful. It’s less crowded, more affordable, and you can still do a lot of activities. However, I’ll also be returning during other times of year someday soon!

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Iceland Travel Tips

  • Iceland is very safe! It has a low crime rate, wonderful healthcare and accepting people. Typically, the most dangerous element is natural hazards such as storms, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

  • I highly recommend renting a car to get around Iceland! However, if you prefer not to, there are many tour companies and groups you can book to get around.

  • To purchase fuel in Iceland, you will need a chip-and-pin credit card or enter the store to pay the cashier. However, many petrol stations in the countryside are not staffed. We were able to use our debit cards for fuel but note that the machines will put a hold on your card. One way around this rule is purchasing a petrol chain gift card when you first arrive.

  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted just about everywhere in Iceland. While I always like to have some of the local currency just in case, it is very unlikely that you will need cash in Iceland.

  • Tipping is not expected in Iceland and the server’s wages are sufficient. However, if you feel someone has gone above and beyond and want to tip, it is appreciated.

  • Iceland is expensive! Some ways to save money include eating at petrol stations (they have great food!), cooking your own food and prioritizing free activities. There are also options for bundling tours that may save you some money.

Iceland Travel Resources

Heading to Iceland soon? Here are some resources to help you plan!

Iceland Travel Guides

Read my winter in Iceland travel guides; I’ve written a detailed itinerary, a packing list and a guide to renting a car.

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