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An Epic Guide to Seeing the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail in Texas (2024)

January 10, 2024

This blog shares everything you need to know about visiting the Ennis Bluebonnet trail! Ennis is one of the best places to see bluebonnets in Texas and a beautiful place to visit in the spring.

A close up photo of a view of bluebonnet flowers. There are a couple of red flowers in the corner.
Bluebonnets at Meadow View Nature Park

Why are the Texas Bluebonnets a Big Deal?

Bluebonnets are a big deal in Texas! They are the Texas state flower and bloom annually in April. You will find the most bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country, but they are also found in North Texas and the Big Bend region.

Bluebonnets are fascinating because they thrive in soil that has been heavily disturbed. This often means soil that has gone through drought, heavy grazing or a recent fire.

Interestingly, the Texas department of Transportation times roadside mowing to allow for bluebonnets to reseed for the following year. This means you will often see them on the side of the highways when traveling through Texas in the spring. It’s a beautiful time to go on a road trip!

It is a tradition for many Texans to take springtime photos in fields of bluebonnets while they bloom in the spring. April is the perfect time of year to explore the state.

About Ennis, Texas

A close up view of red, pink, red and white flowers with a shop in downtown Ennis in the background.
Downtown Ennis

Ennis, Texas is a small town about 40 minutes away from Dallas that has been designated ‘The Official Bluebonnet City of Texas.’ Ennis has been cultivating their bluebonnets for over 65 years and is home to the oldest known bluebonnet trails known in Texas. Tens of thousands of visitors, mostly from Dallas-Fort Worth, come every year to see the flowers in bloom.

Tips for Seeing the Ennis Bluebonnets

  • Bluebonnets typically only bloom in the month of April. Be sure to plan accordingly to visit during that time! They typically peak in the third week of the month, but it can vary depending on the year.
  • Be respectful of the flowers and do not crush, step on or pick them. Leave them beautiful for the other visitors!
  • Be respectful of private property and do not trespass. Most of the driving trails in Ennis will take you past private property.
  • Keep an eye out for snakes and other wildlife among the tall wildflowers.
  • The Ennis Garden Club provides status updates of the bluebonnet blooms weekly in April and the surrounding weeks. Check the status on the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails website or on their social media. They also recommend the best places to go each week and share photos and videos throughout the month.

Bluebonnet Driving Trails

Lydia reaching out to a brown and white horse on the side of a fence.Some bluebonnets in a field with a pond in the background. Two swams are swimming in the pond.
Sugar Ridge Rd

Ennis has over 40 miles of driving trails. The routes will take you through some of downtown Ennis and a lot of the nearby countryside. On the country roads, you’ll see all types of farm animals. There are many cows, but also longhorns, horses and even llamas! Bluebonnets typically line the roads and sometimes extend into large fields where cattle grazes.

Be sure to download the trail map from the Ennis Bluebonnet website or pick one up in town. There are three sections of the trails; the West Trail, North Trail and South Trail. The following destinations are my favorite stops and routes for each trail.

The photos I’m sharing are based on the bluebonnets in the first weekend of April. They are expected to be more in bloom during the second or third week. I encourage you to explore the trails and find out for yourself where the bluebonnets are most in bloom, as it may change throughout the month.

West Trail

A view of a field of bluebonnets with water in the distance.
Bluebonnets at Meadow View Nature Park

Meadow View Nature Area

This park is right on Bardwell Lake and was built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The park has a large field that blooms with bluebonnets and is arguably the best place to see bluebonnets in Ennis. It’s a great place to take photos as there is plenty of wide open space. Of course, this means it might be crowded. Go early to get the best photos.

There are a couple of picnic tables and some portable toilets set up in the park. Besides that, the park is home to nothing else but fields, grass, some trees and the lake.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is another park close to downtown Ennis. The park is smaller but the bluebonnets bloom in a field and you might find it to be less crowded. It is also home to a Veterans Memorial and has restrooms.

North Trail

A cluster of bluebonnets in a field with a fence going through them. There are countryside views in the distance.
The View from Andrew Rd
Lydia sitting behind some bluebonnets in a field.

Andrew Road

Andrew Road was one of the prettiest roads on the driving trails. It is up on a hill so you can see the rolling countryside in the distance. There are bluebonnets alongside the road and fields dusted with the blue flowers in the distance.

Sugar Ridge Winery

Sugar Ridge Winery is located on the driving trails near Andrew Road and the tiny town of Bristol. The winery is family owned and offers tasting, winery tours and live music. It’s the perfect place to stop and enjoy the outdoors while exploring the bluebonnet trails.

Belgian Horses

On Sugar Ridge Road, not far from the winery, you’ll find a field with Belgian horses right off the road. They have bins of oats next to the fences with a message that you can feed them. These horses were so majestic and beautiful. There were even a couple of friendly German Shepherds greeting people along the road. Look for the horse icon on the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Map to find this spot.

Swan Pond

In between the Belgian horses and the winery, there is a beautiful pond on private property. I’ve named it swan pond, because there were two beautiful swans swimming in the water. Right across the street from this pond, there is a stunning field of bluebonnets. This is private property so please be respectful, but was definitely a highlight of the drive.

South Trail

The South Trail had the least amount of bluebonnets and does not have any good places to stop. It’s still worth visiting if you have time. Highway 85 had the most bluebonnets. The South Trails are all residential and the speed limit is higher, so you’ll be gazing out at the clumps of bluebonnets as you drive past.

The Ennis Bluebonnet Festival

A close up view of bluebonnet flowers and several reddish orange flowers among them.

The annual Ennis Bluebonnet Festival typically occurs in April. The festival has live music performances, a market with local vendors, kids activities and guided walks through the bluebonnet fields. Also during the festival, Ennis hosts a ‘Wine Wander’ where you purchase a ticket and receive a wine glass that you carry with you. You then can stroll around town and sample various wines from wineries.

In 2024, the festival is April 19-21. There will be several great bands performing, craft vendors and more! The festival is the perfect time to visit Ennis.

Food in Ennis

The exterior of Bluebonnet City Grill. There are bluebonnet flowers in the restaurant logo and a sign in the window about breakfast.
Bluebonnet City Grill

Bluebonnet City Grill

Bluebonnet City Grill is located in a strip mall and serves burgers, salads and a variety of fried appetizers. The fried zucchini was delicious!

Pikositos Chamoyadas Snacks y Mas

Right across from Bluebonnet City Grill, you can get a refreshing treat from Pikositos Chamoyadas Snacks y Mas. They serve smoothies, juices, fruit cups and chamoyadas.

Fiesta Grill

Fiesta Grill is a great spot in town for Mexican food. They serve delicious margaritas and Mexican food in a colorful space.

More Places to See Bluebonnets in DFW

Several bluebonnets in an area of tall, green grass outside of the President George Bush Library in Dallas.
President George Bush Library

Here are a few more options to see bluebonnets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill is just minutes from Dallas and you’ll see bluebonnets in the fields and along the trails during the month of April.

Cleburne State Park

Cleburne State Park is located 45 minutes south of Fort Worth and has a great selection of hiking trails. There are large fields of bluebonnets lining the trails throughout the park. Check out my blog post on Cleburne for more information on the trails and activities.

Las Colinas

Las Colinas is located between Dallas and Fort Worth and has several great spots to see the bluebonnets. Places to check out include the Dallas College North Lake Campus and West Las Colinas Blvd. Check the Las Colinas website for more details.


Mansfield is also in between Dallas and Fort Worth. The Oliver Nature Park is a small but great park to see the bluebonnets.

President George W Bush Library and Museum

The President George W Bush Library and Museum is located in the SMU campus and has a garden where bluebonnets bloom in the spring. At the time of writing, the museum and library are closed due to Covid-19 but you can still walk the grounds.

Enjoy exploring Texas and searching for bluebonnets during the month of April. It’s certainly one of the best times of year in the Lone Star State.

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