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5 Things To Do in Titusville, FL: Explore the Florida Space Coast

February 8, 2024

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Titusville is located on the Florida Space Coast and makes for a wonderful day trip from Orlando or a weekend destination on its own. It’s the perfect place for a family vacation, especially if you have space geeks in the mix.

Not only can you learn all about space travel at the Kennedy Space Center, but you can also have a thrilling adventure skydiving and enjoy some great food. Titusville is a great destination to visit on a Florida trip.

This blog is based on my experience visiting Titusville in February 2022.

The 5 Best Things To Do in Titusville, Florida

Explore the Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is a fascinating place to visit for the whole family. Here you will learn about the history of the space program, new innovations in space travel and get to see several rockets. I recommend allowing a full day to properly experience the facility. I spent about 6 hours there.

A large orange rocket standing up right.A globe labeled NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.
Skydive Space Center

Things to do at the Kennedy Space Center include taking the bus tour to the Saturn V Center, taking in the exhibits at the Artemis Building, taking a ride in the interactive space shuttle launch experience and taking a guided walk around Rocket Garden.

In the Saturn V Center, you will get to walk under a real Saturn V rocket and take a journey through the launch control room exhibit. In the Artemis Building, you’ll see some impressive interactive movies and learn more about what life is like for astronauts.

The interactive space shuttle launch was one of my favorite parts. The simulation is meant to feel like a real shuttle launch and will remind you of a roller coaster. You will get turned 90 degrees and shaken a bit. There is also a viewing area for family members to watch if they do not want to participate.

Rocket Garden is an outdoor space where you can walk among rockets from the very beginning of US manned space flight. There are tours offered daily if you would like to learn more details about the various vessels.

The park also has restaurants, giant gift shops, a memorial to late astronauts and more. It feels a bit like a theme park and is quite the experience. If you time your day right, you can meet a NASA astronaut. Whether you’re a space buff or not, Kennedy Space Center is worth visiting at least once.

Watch a Rocket Launch

In addition to being a fascinating place to visit at any time, the Kennedy Space Center is also an active launch site for rocket launches!

Several people sitting on the shore at Space View Park waiting for the rocket launch.
People watching a launch at Space View Park

There is no set schedule for the rocket launches, but they typically occur a couple times a month. They are also subject to weather conditions and are frequently delayed by hours or days. Check for upcoming launches on the Kennedy Space Center calendar.

You can watch the rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center, but it requires an admission ticket. If you want to watch the launch for free, I recommend the Space View Park in Titusville.

Space View Park is located across the water from the space center, less than 15 miles from the launch pads. There is a lot of space to spread out and see the launch. However, it gets crowded so come early to get a good spot. Most people bring a folding chair or a blanket to sit and wait for the rocket.

Space View Park is also dog friendly and has restrooms. There were people playing the livestream of the space launch out loud so you could hear what was going on. There is also a memorial to see at the park.

The rocket launch will look pretty small from this location, so it is best to bring a zoom lens or binoculars to see it better. But overall, it’s a great experience to actually see a rocket leave for space.

Go Skydiving over the Space Center

Skydive Space Center offers skydiving over the Space Center and over the Florida Space Coast, allowing for a really unique view as you’re falling from the sky. Their most popular option is a tandem jump from 18,000 feet, which is the world’s highest tandem jump.

A photo of Lydia skydiving. There are clouds and land below.Lydia looking at the camera, wearing googles while falling from the sky.
Skydive Space Center

I felt safe and secure during my jump and exiting the plane was not as scary as I expected it to be. You will be completely secured to your jumpmaster and won’t have to do anything except position your arms and legs as they instruct you during the jump.

It was my first time skydiving and I had a great experience. However, note that your reservation time does not mean anything. I made a reservation for 8:00 AM and didn’t end up jumping until 11:30 AM. Allow some extra time here and don’t schedule anything right afterward!

I also had a problem with my ears not popping for several hours after the jump. I wish I had known to pop my ears during the fall.

Overall, skydiving is a great experience to add to your Florida bucket list!

Enjoy a Beer at Playalinda Brewing Company

Playalinda Brewing Company has two locations in the area and is one of the best places to eat in Titusville. The brewery opened in 2014, claiming the title of first microbrewery in Brevard County.

A yellow building labeled 'hardware' with tables out front.A flight of 5 beers sitting on a table at the Playadina Brewing Company.
Playalinda Brewing Company

I went to their Hardware Store location, which felt really special inside. The building was once home to Titusville Hardware and is one of the oldest buildings in town. There are many nods to the building’s past, including the hardware sign out front and tools hanging inside.

There are many beer options at the brewery, I ordered a flight so I could try several! One beer I enjoyed was the Barn Light Saison. The drink is named after Barn Light Electric, a light company owned and operated by two of the Playalinda Brewing Company owners.

There are also some great food options for when you get hungry. Try the pimento cheese dip, a lettuce wrap, a grilled cheese or a refreshing salad.

Have Breakfast at Sunrise Bread Co

Sunrise Bread Co is a wonderful place to start your day in Titusville. The bakery and cafe offers fresh baked bread, pastries, coffee and a variety of sandwiches. The space is bright and airy with a lot of seating. It’s a great meeting place or place to work.

A panini sandwich from Sunrise Bread Co.Holding up a blue, paper coffee mug in front of Sunrise Bread Co.
Sunrise Bread Co

Their fresh breads rotate daily. You can secure your purchase by pre-ordering the day before. Options include rosemary garlic, greek olive, cranberry orange walnut and many more.

Pastries include raspberry scones, banana nut muffins, cinnamon rolls and several more mouth wateringly sweet varieties.

There are several options for breakfast sandwiches or you can build your own. I had a breakfast sandwich with egg bites and cheese on jalapeño bread and it was delicious.

They also have sandwiches for lunch such as turkey BBQ, roast beef and grilled cheese. This is a wonderful gem to visit in Titusville.

More Things To Do in Titusville

  • Go on a bioluminescence kayaking tour and see the water glow at night. The best time to see this is between July and September during a new moon.
  • Enjoy seafood at Dixie Crossroads, which is known for shrimp.
  • Visit the Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park. This non-profit park honors the lives of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore, two leading civil rights activists in the 1930s and 40s. There is a museum and a replica of their home at the site.
  • Explore the American Space Museum & Walk of Fame. This non-profit honors and recognizes the workers in the space program.
  • Hike in the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary. This park protects the natural habitats of Florida and has some peaceful hiking trails.
  • Visit the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, a 140,000 acre park that protects habitats for over 1,500 species of plants and animals.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Titusville

Titusville experiences mild winters and hot summers. If you are interested in a bioluminescence kayaking tour, the best time to visit is from July - September. If that isn’t a priority for you, I recommend avoiding the summer and visiting in the spring, fall or winter. I visited in February and had great weather.

Where to Stay in Titusville

There are several hotels in Titusville to meet your needs! Here are some options at various prices that receive good reviews.

Luxury: The ​​Fairfield by Marriott is a great hotel option that includes breakfast, a pool and spacious rooms.

Mid-range: The Extended Stay America Premier Suites is a great option if you plan to be cooking during your trip! The rooms have full size refrigerators and are pet friendly.

Budget: The Days Inn by Wyndham has basic, standard rooms and there is an IHOP in the lobby.

Final Thoughts

Titusville makes for a great Florida destination for the space enthusiast in your life! I recommend combining Titusville with other Florida destinations for a road trip. Titusville is not far from Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach and several other great Florida destinations. No matter where you go, enjoy your time exploring the Sunshine State.

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