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Ohio holds a special place in my heart because I was born and raised there! It wasn’t until I became an adult that I realized how much beauty and charm the state has to offer - especially in places like Hocking Hills, Cuyahoga Valley and Lake Erie.

A few things Ohio is known for include Cincinnati chili, Cedar Point, the Football Hall of Fame and Lebron James. Personally, I love the historic charm of Cincinnati, the charming small towns and the natural parts of the state.

These Ohio travel guides cover Cincinnati (where I’m from!) and some of the natural areas around the state. I hope they inspire you to explore more of Ohio, or visit for the first time.

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What is Ohio Famous For?

If you’re not from nearby, you may not have heard much about what there is to do in Ohio. But just like every other part of the US, Ohio has a lot to offer! Ohio is known for historic cities, a beautiful national park (and several wonderful state parks), the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, some epic theme parks, a thriving Amish Country, and much more. The northern part of Ohio also borders Lake Erie, so you have miles of lakeshore to discover.

While it’s true that Ohio also has a lot of farmland, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth visiting. Whether you go to catch a baseball game in Cincinnati, hike in Hocking Hills or visit the islands on Lake Erie, there is something for everyone.

Ohio Travel Resources

Heading to Ohio soon? Here are some resources to help you plan!

The Best Time to Visit Ohio

Ohio experiences all 4 seasons! As with many places, spring and fall will be your best chance to enjoy mild weather that isn’t too cold or hot.

Winter in Ohio can mean snow, but more often, the weather is cloudy, rainy and cold. Spring in Ohio can be quite nice, but you’ll also see an occasional winter storm. Summer in Ohio gets quite hot and can be humid. Fall is the best time to visit Ohio (in my opinion), because the weather is nice and you can see fall foliage in many areas across the state.

Cincinnati Travel Guides

I may be slightly biased because this is my hometown but…. If you’re wondering if Cincinnati is worth visiting, my answer is resounding yes!

Cincinnati is known for its German heritage and has quite a storied history. It was a stop on the Underground Railroad, home to the first professional baseball team and opened its first brewery in 1812.

Learn more in my Cincinnati travel guides.

Ohio Outdoor Guides

Discover the most beautiful places in Ohio in my Ohio outdoor guides! Ohio is home to one national park: Cuyahoga Valley. This park has some amazing waterfalls and neat rock formations, and even a train!

However, Hocking Hills State Park rivals Cuyahoga Valley in terms of beauty, hiking and more. It’s my favorite place to visit in Ohio! I hope these outdoorsy guides help you plan an adventurous Ohio road trip.

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