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The United States is an incredible country to travel coast to coast. Not only do you have major cities, such as New York and San Francisco, but many of the United States national parks are sure to blow you away. It’s an incredibly diverse country that has endless options of places to explore.

You can also find all kinds of different landscapes across the US. There are oceans, mountains, deserts, forests, plains, swamps and more. Each region of the United States has something special and unique to offer.

I’ve been to 48 states, hiked in 44 states and have been traveling full-time around the United States for 2.5 years, so I’ve seen a lot! Check out my many United States travel guides to start planning your perfect USA road trip.

USA Travel Tips

  • Don’t estimate how far apart everything is in the United States. For example, make sure to not plan an itinerary where you’ll drive between New York and California in a day! The United States is a huge country. I recommend either focusing on one region at a time, or booking flights to get between places that are further apart.

  • The United States is not known for its good public transportation. In fact, transportation is useless or non-existent in some places. Unless you’re visiting a large city, such as New York or Chicago, it’s best to rent a car to get around. Typically, you will need a valid driver’s license and a credit card to rent a car.

  • Don’t only visit the cities when you come to the United States - make sure to visit the national parks! I have several US national park itineraries to help you out. If it’s your first visit to the US (or to a national park), Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Park are two of the top places I recommend!

USA Road Trips

The United States has some epic road trips! Whether you’re planning a national park road trip, driving the Florida Overseas Highway or chasing fall foliage, a road trip is arguably the best way to see the country. Here are some USA road trip itineraries.

Unique Vacation Ideas in the US

Looking for the most underrated places to go in the US? Here are a few of my favorite unique vacation ideas that make for fantastic weekend getaways!

USA Travel By Region

Check out some of my best US travel guides, divided by region!

Midwest Travel Guides

The midwest region refers to the 12 US states in the middle and northern part of the country. It includes Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota.

I was borned and raised in the midwest (in Ohio) and have now been to all of the midwest states. It’s definitely an underrated region!

Southern Travel Guides

I lived in Texas for 4 years and have traveled extensively around the Southern US. Just like the midwest, I think it’s an underrated region for outdoor adventure! You can visit beaches, mountains, waterfalls and other landscapes, along with some incredible cities.

The Southern US states are typically considered to be: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

New England Travel Guides

The New England region is located in the Northwestern US, and refers to 6 states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. This is an especially beautiful area to visit in the fall!

Mid-Atlantic Travel Guides

The Mid-Atlantic states typically refer to Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. The region is most known for New York City, the biggest city in the US. However, each state has a lot more to offer.

Southwest Travel Guides

The Southwest region of the United States is known for its vast, desert landscapes. Typically, the Southwest refers to Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. Sometimes Texas is included as well.

FAQs about Traveling to America

What should you know before visiting the USA?

The United States is a huge country, so it’s hard to place general rules on the entire country. However, a few things to know include:

  • Public transportation tends to be slow and unreliable, outside of places such as New York City.
  • Credit cards are widely accepted. However, be aware that waiters/waitresses will often take your credit card away when doing sit down dining.
  • Tipping is expected in most situations, including sit down dining, rideshare, food delivery, a hotel helping with your luggage, valet parking, and more. 15%-20% is a normal, expected tip for sit down dining.
  • US gas stations do not accept chip and pin cards, and you’ll need to type in a zip code. You may need to pay inside so that the attendant can override the zip code.

Where should I go in the USA?

This depends on what you like to do! If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, I recommend looking into the national parks, and deciding which to visit depending on the time of year you’re visiting. A few of the top parks I recommend are Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.

If you want to visit a big city, a few to consider are New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Austin and Miami.

If you’re looking for a smaller city that still has a lot to do, a few I recommend Cincinnati, Duluth, Asheville, Boise or Madison, WI.

What is the most beautiful part of America?

This is, of course, subjective. But after traveling to 48 states, here are the most beautiful places I’ve been!

How can I be careful in America?

Unfortunately, America can be quite dangerous in some areas. Here are a few ways to stay safe:

  • Make sure to lock your car and do not leave out valuables.
  • Don’t walk alone at night in a big city.
  • Read up on the safety of a neighborhood you’re considering staying in when visiting a big city.
  • Make sure you have a map when traveling to more remote areas, such as national parks. Do not rely on having cell service.

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